About Us

Here at National Trailer, we are a family-owned business. Where we still believe quality is the best advertisement, We will work with you directly to get our aluminum trailers set up to fit your boat. We are always striving & working with our partners to improve on our trailers by utilizing the highest quality components for our aluminum trailers. We are not just another trailer company building a standard trailer, here the craftsmanship & materials in our trailers set us apart.

National Trailer is a business that prides itself on building superior aluminum boat trailers, all of our trailers come standard with Aluminum Brackets, Stainless Steel Fasteners, Radial Tires, LED lights with designated grounds and marine grade heat shrink connectors so you can count on your trailer lasting through the boating seasons.

Here at National, we stand by our product so you can be confident when choosing National Trailer for your next Boat Trailer. All trailers are manufactured in-house at our shop in Ocala, Fl.

We offer fast deliveries with nationwide shipping or local pick up in the Central FL area with a commitment to customer satisfaction. Call us today for more information and pricing.

Feel free to give us a call at (352) 538-0285 with any questions you have regarding your future trailer.


15 Years of Trailer Building

How We Got Started

We are a business that takes pride in everything we do. We build our aluminum trailers as if they were for us, never cutting corners or opting for sub-par products. We believe that our trailers speak for themselves and their quality is the best form of  advertisement.


Our First Trailer

Our trailers are not mass-produced, instead we give every customer the opportunity to customize their trailer. This enables us to provide a premium trailer that will still meet your price point without sacrificing quality and craftsmanship.